Athlete Built Specialization Program

Strategically Designed Workout Routines To Spark Growth In Your Problem Areas


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What is Specialization?

Specialization is a series of "Plug-In" workouts devised specifically for focusing on body parts or even specific performance goals you may have.  Whether your chest or arms just can't seem to grow or if you need a boost in your sprinting speed, Specialization will solve this.

It is a comprehensive series of workouts carefully designed to bring the most out of each lagging body part or performance goal.

Check out below for all of the Specialized workouts you can plug-in directly into your training today...

Specialization Routines

  • Chest Specialization: 3 Routines

  • Back Specialization: 6 Routines

  • Shoulder Specialization: 3 Routines

  • Bicep Specialization: 3 Routines

  • Tricep Specialization: 3 Routines

  • Quad Specialization: 2 Routines

  • Glute Specialization: 2 Routines

  • Hamstring Specialization: 2 Routines

  • Calf Specialization: 3 Routines

  • Core Specialization: 7 Routines

  • Linear Speed Specialization: 6 Routines

  • Vertical Jump Specialization: 6 Routines

Here are a few things you'll get with this program:

  • How to build a fully developed, rock hard set of pecs
  • How to add mass to your upper back and lat's so you appear as wide as a barn door
  • The trick to developing round, developed delts that look like cannon balls atop your arms
  • How to build a set of baseball sized biceps that pop out your sleeves when you're asked to flex
  • The key to horseshoe triceps that look like an anaconda wrapping around your arms
  • How to build a rock hard midsection that can not only withstand any abuse your sport throws at it but also looks like it's been chiseled out of marble
  • The secret to a set of quads that are POWERFUL without looking like overblown balloons, this is one of the things most athletes secretly want the most... the ability to wear a pair of fitted pants without them looking like spandex
  • My secret speed workouts to maximize your acceleration and top speed
  • Vertical jump plug-in workouts guaranteed to bring up your explosiveness
  • And much more...

$47     $19

buy now